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Tetu is here to ensure your
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Why Use Tetu?

World's most secure chat and file sharing platform

End-to-End Encryption

Using military-grade AES encryption and 4096-bit RSA keys, your data is encrypted from the moment it enters Tetu until your conversation partner opens it.

Plug and Play

No fussing with complicated configurations necessary. Simply login, start a conversation, and relax knowing you are secure.

Only You Have Access

Messages are secured using the recipients RSA public key, meaning the only one who can read it is the one meant to read it.

Carry Tetu With You

Tetu offers a portable executable, no installation necessary. Chat securely from any computer, anytime.

Plans for Teams of Any Size

Whether you are a few friends sharing startup ideas, or a Fortune 500 company sharing business-critical documents, Tetu has a plan priced right for your size and security needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, TetuChat generates a new keypair at registration. This both ensures that your key is not compromised from another source, and allows us to encrypt the keypair for usage only by TetuChat.
No. Think of the server as a router between you and your team. When You send a message, the server looks up the socket ID of your conversation partner and bounces the message down to them. In addition, using a server allows for centralized SSL certificates, so all communication can be sent over HTTPS.
All data entered into TetuChat is encrypted locally using AES-256, then signed using the RSA-4096 signing algorithm. Messages between clients and the server are encrypted using TLSv1.2. However, as we are committed to staying the most secure chat and filesharing platform, these may change to better protect our users.
Contrary to popular opinion as of late, encryption is not just for criminals with something to hide. Most people would not want to share their medical records or bank statements with the general public, but sending them unencrypted is potentially doing just that. Encryption ensures that the only ones to see your data are those you've specifically allowed to do so.

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